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2 days ago

"There's something about real community. If you have real community and real friends and allies and people that understand and want to understand your story and what your life's about, that's huge." - Steve Gohl
Life is not perfect for anyone. It may seem as though someone you know has it all but I promise you they too have faced hard times. What do you do in hard times? Do you journal? Do you have a community to lean on? In this new format we’ll be offering how to advice once a month in addition to all the great stories.
We talked about journaling and the benefits of unplugging long enough to actually think about what is going on. Tim shared about totems and how they can remind us of our wins. And of course, we talked about the passion we have behind this community we are building and the benefits of different perspectives that come from a supportive community.
We announced our new Discord channel for all of us to connect and support each other. The podcast is full of stories of people who have overcome their false narratives only to craft new ones that serve them and their families. It’s not always easy to ask for help or share your full story. Discord gives us all a safe space to pour into each other and remind each other it’s going to be ok.
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Saturday Jul 06, 2024

"You won't profit unless you implement. And if you take the word profit out and you want to put in the word success, you won't have success unless you implement." - Vance Morris
"You're going to college" said Vance Morri's parents and he didn't question it. That's what you were "supposed to do right?"  Go to college, get a job, and eventually retire. Vance had success at Disney and then a retirement community. Until he didn't. Vance wanted to do things his way and the standard didn't allow for any deviations. Vance soon realized he was a lousy employee.After years of working in the hospitality industry and honing his skills in customer service, Vance made the bold decision to transition into entrepreneurship. Drawing inspiration from his experiences at Disney Institute, he founded his own franchise cleaning carpets. Vance's unique approach, rooted in his personal journey and professional expertise, has earned him a reputation in delivering experiences he can charge top dollar for.
At the core of Vance is the desire to implement and be in control of his time. It was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Listen to the episode to hear what almost ended it all just three days after signing paperwork to own the franchise. Join me in exploring Vance Morris's transformative journey and discover the power of resilience, determination, and unwavering belief in oneself.
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Saturday Jun 29, 2024

"It's not something that I can change from my past, and I wouldn't change my past. My past has gotten me to where I'm at today." - Jen Pointer
Growing up, Jen Pointer's identity was shaped by a false narrative that she had to conform to societal expectations and define herself through external achievements. She felt the pressure to follow a traditional path of success, leading her to believe that her worth was tied to her job title and accomplishments.A pivotal momentS came when Jen faced significant "bends in the road" that challenged her preconceived notions of identity. After experiencing blow after blow around 2020 including a divorce and losing her father and cousin, she realized that her true happiness could not be found in conforming to societal norms. This shift in perspective prompted Jen to embrace the courage to make necessary changes and start over, paving the way for a journey of self-discovery and reinvention.
Jen Pointer now crafts her life by aligning with her authentic self and values personal fulfillment over external validation. Through her experiences of growth and transformation, Jen inspires others to embrace the power of rewriting false narratives and creating a fulfilling life that reflects their true essence. Join us as we explore Jen's journey of self-discovery and reinvention on our latest episode.
To Connect with Jen Pointer: or LinkedIn: @Jennifer-Pointer
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Saturday Jun 22, 2024

"Be the encourager for everybody. That you want for yourself." - Vinnie Fisher
Vinnie Fisher has a captivating journey from a childhood marked by poverty and dysfunction to becoming a successful entrepreneur and mentor. Vinnie shared how he initially believed the false narrative that "I need to escape my family"due to his circumstances, define his future, but his determination to excel in academics and sports set him on a different path. Despite facing adversity, Vinnie found inspiration in his wife, Debbie, who challenged him to confront his manipulative tendencies and strive for authenticity. However, it was that pivotal "bend in the road", with his now wife Debbie, that truly shifted Vinnie's narrative. Through forgiveness, particularly towards his father, Vinnie experienced a profound personal transformation that allowed him to embrace empathy and love. This turning point not only shaped his character but also fueled his passion for guiding others, especially those over 45, to stay engaged and reinvest their wisdom in the next generation.
Today, Vinnie Fisher is a beacon of wisdom and encouragement, advocating for the importance of being present and finding contentment in the here and now. His journey of overcoming challenges and embracing authenticity serves as a powerful reminder to savor each moment and focus on the positive aspects of life. Through his mentorship and entrepreneurial ventures like Mentor Academy, Vinnie continues to inspire others to craft a life filled with purpose and impact.
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Saturday Jun 15, 2024

"Everybody has a story to tell regardless of what they look like, regardless of where they come from." - Mike ThomasMike Thomas, a man whose journey from an emotional childhood to a purpose-driven adulthood always placed him in a position to fight for the underdog. Raised in a challenging environment, Mike's older brother, Bub, was born with Aperts Syndrome. He had physical deformities but was not mentally challenged. Throughout school, Mike tried to include his brother. He hated the idea of anyone being left out for whatever reason. Thus was born, "I have to fight for the underdog."Mike recognized that everyone has a story to tell and he strives to help people do just that. He looks up to his brother as a true hero. Despite every day waking up and knowing his story was going to be different, Bub formed friendships and strives to lead a positive life regardless of his disabilities. Mike's different careers have propelled him towards a path of self-discovery and personal growth. His journey from adversity to empowerment serves as a poignant reminder of the strength that can be found in embracing life's challenges and staying true to one's values.
Now, as Mike reflects on his past, he reveals how his experiences have shaped his advocacy for marginalized individuals and his commitment to building a business that aligns with his deeply held convictions. By prioritizing his roles as a devoted husband, loving father, and steadfast follower of Jesus, Mike has found fulfillment in mentoring others and creating a life that reflects his true essence.
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Saturday Jun 08, 2024

"What does God say about me? And what God says about me is that because of Christ and what he did for me, I am good enough." - Warren Mainard
Warren had an abundance of confidence that he could do anything. But when Warren's kindergarten teacher identified Warren Mainard as having dyslexia, he was forced to repeat Kindergarten. The message Warren took from that was he was flawed, he'd never be good at school, and school was easier for the other kids. We discussed how the teacher taking action FOR Warren felt AGAINST him to Warren. Warren was a man whose childhood struggles with dyslexia shaped a false narrative of inadequacy and self-doubt. Warren soon learned to focus on other aspects of school and life like being the class clown and tennis. Listen to his "bend in the road" in college and the young lady who challenged him on his grades.  He realized he just learns differently! Through introspection and faith, Warren discovered that his true calling and identity were not defined by external achievements but by a higher purpose, leading him to redefine his life's mission and impact others in profound ways.
Today, Warren Mainard continues to inspire and lead as the national director of Impact Players, dedicating his life to empowering men to excel as husbands, fathers, and leaders. His journey through hardship and self-discovery has shaped his approach to life, emphasizing the importance of resilience, faith, and personal growth. Warren encourages listeners to embrace their own unique journey and find purpose beyond the limitations of societal expectations by asking 2 simple questions. Listen to the end to learn what they are.
To Connect with Warren Mainard:, and LinkedIn @Warren MainardLet's Connect:

Saturday Jun 01, 2024

"My true purpose, my true mission in life, is masculinity, marriage, and mindset." - Matt Clark
Matt Clark shares his childhood struggles with imposter syndrome in baseball, shaped by a false narrative that he didn't measure up. Growing up Matt grappled with feelings of inadequacy which is common today due to societal pressures and the impact of social media. Despite putting on a brave front and a successful career, he felt like he was constantly falling short of expectations, leading to a deep internal conflict.However, a significant "bend in the road" shifted Matt's childhood narrative, prompting a journey of self-discovery and faith. Through introspection at an online retreat and hard conversations with himself, Matt found healing and emotional release, redefining his identity and self-worth. By challenging past insecurities and societal influences, he began to reframe negative beliefs and build confidence in his true self, ultimately finding freedom in accepting and embracing who he is, a child of God.
Now, Matt is actively crafting a life centered around faith, personal growth, and inspiring others to overcome imposter syndrome and strengthen their marriages. By sharing his story and experiences, he aims to empower men to strengthen their relationships, masculinity, and mindset through spiritual development and self-improvement. Through initiatives like the Driven Champion Mastermind, Matt encourages individuals to embrace their true identity, give their best without fear of judgment, and live authentically in alignment with their beliefs.
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Saturday May 25, 2024

"It's who I know that gets me in the door, and it's what I know that keeps me there." - Neil Twa
Neil Twa shares how a false narrative of a scarcity mindset, around money, shaped his perspective on life from a young age. He saw other's with money so he just had to figure out how he could get some too. Discover how his early experiences of getting out of town set the stage for a journey of self-discovery and growth.
Then, a significant "bend in the road" altered Neil's trajectory, challenging his beliefs and pushing him to reevaluate his goals and aspirations. Neil shared that in the midst of hyper growth within Sprint, his marriage failed and transformed his outlook on life and set him on a new course.
Now, Neil is actively crafting a life centered around family and truly pouring into others. Neil's past experiences have shaped his present-day values and priorities, offering valuable insights and inspiration for listeners seeking to navigate their own paths to success and fulfillment.
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Neil Twa's Podcast: Business Builders
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Saturday May 18, 2024

Gerry Wilson was an only child. She watched her father work 12 hour days. She saw her parents sacrifice to provide an idyllic childhood.  Somehow she learned that she needed to be a good girl which meant being perfect and she didn't want to let her parents down! 
Gerry grew up and got married. Eveything seemed in place until her fairy-tale marriage took an unexpected detour, she found herself at a crossroads. The cracks in her perfect facade revealed a new path filled with twists and turns, challenging her to redefine her narrative. She began teaching at a preschool. She had a friend and co-worker remind her, not to let this divorce ruin her. She also chose to focus on the fact that she wasn't without skill and opportunity. She ended up earning her masters in English. 
Fast forward to today, Gerry Wilson is a self-proclaimed late bloomer recently publishing her novel at 82 years young. She shows us that it's okay to stumble, as long as we pick ourselves up and keep moving forward. 
To Connect with Gerry Wilson: FB @GerryWilson,
Substack: Stories I am Old Enough To Tell
To Connect with Tim Croll or Steve Gohl:

Saturday May 11, 2024

I knew Kathy Izard's episode was worthy of revisiting.  We discussed the powerful theme of "My Work Is My Identity." Kathy's early years were dominated by a high-achieving, picture-perfect family facade in Texas, where ambitions were high, and family struggles were kept behind closed doors. Discover how these early experiences forged a false narrative that conflated personal value with professional success, setting the stage for a profound personal journey.
Hear about the pivotal "bend in the road" that challenged everything Kathy thought she knew about success and self-worth. A combination of her husband’s unexpected health crisis and a transformative play about mental health vividly reshaped her perspective. This episode reveals the moment Kathy began to question the entrenched beliefs of her upbringing, leading her toward a path of profound personal healing.
Now thriving in a life redefined by purpose beyond work, Kathy shares how she's crafting a new narrative centered on intentional living, community service, and deep relationships. Listen as she pointed out the importance of trusting your inner voice, embracing life's unexpected turns, and the importance of rewriting your story. Don't miss this inspiring journey of resilience and change. You might just find the courage to question and reshape your own narrative. 
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